Kachchh herbal wellness was founded in 2012 by mr. Vasant visaria with a obejctive to Cure diseases with pure, natural and herbal products. The other reason was simply give Something back to the society that could be helpful to live a healthty and disease free Life.

The idea came into mind with the founder having 200 acres of land in his native kachchh(kutch), Gujrat. About 10 years ago we started planting tress which were helpful for Health and which were able to control and cure diseases, today we have approx Ten Thousand trees. The founder tried the product first on himself for one year and his close family Members for a period of 6 months to know the effects and side effects if any.

The founder’s parent and siblings are diabetic except him, the reason being his interest in trying herbal and natural products to keep his body away from diseases. Our quality id better than other as we take personal care of it and our land is virgin so the power in our products is double from any other of them, she is the reason our products are result oriented.

From last 5 years we have been providing quality products at affordable prices and through mouth publicity from our existing consumers to their loved ones about our products the co. has garnered a large and dedicated consumer base. The reason going online is just that more and more people could benefit from our products, as the reviews from our consumers were phenomenal and breath taking.